Candid Creative Chat with Sushitha Amin

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Giggles, humble pauses, honest insights, real talks with Artists, you are in for a treat guys! 

Hello Friends, Welcome to the 1st Q & A -Candid Creative Chat session as a part of the ‘Creativity Project‘ wherein we have creative artists from different fields who share their life journey, creative interests and insights on being a creative person with us.

This is my humble way to pay ode to these wonderful talents I meet or greet in future by providing a platform to introduce budding artists to the world.

This project aims to break barriers of limited reach and create a community for aspiring artists who get a chance to get featured and attract support from a larger audience that they truly deserve.

Let me introduce my first guest who I am so excited about.

Wait, can you tell what do you do when you want to share your something………..? Call your friend!

Yup, I did that too, I am glad to have known Sushitha Amin since childhood. Sushitha works as Senior Treasury Analyst at Deutsche Bank. She is also a creative person acing multiple interests like drawing, singing, sketching, painting, DIY crafts.

“She giggles like ripples of water, a Diva she will mesmerize you with a wisecrack!”

Welcoming her to this chat, I thank her for being a sport and promptly joining in while she replies with a sweet grin.

So friends let’s quickly dive into this fireside chat with Sushitha Amin as she unfolds many dimensions of being a creative person.

Fireside Chat with Sushitha Amin

Candid Chat with Sushitha Amin
Candid Chat with Self Taught Artist Sushitha Amin

On the journey of being a Creative Person:

 What inspires you to be creative Sushitha?

The most major factor that drives me to stay creative is that it helps me to relieve my stress. It allows me to recharge myself from the workload during the weekends which I look forward to.

Let us know more about your artistic journey, did someone inspire you or did drawing come naturally to you as I watched you do it at school?

(Sushitha has been an artist since school days being part of numerous events and winning accolades for her talents) I give credit to my Dad for having this interest. He is very good at sketching, painting and crafts. I grew watching him always try different creative stuff and techniques whenever he got time off his work which made me follow his footsteps.

Drawing, sketching, painting is a form of visual arts. What do you look for while doing artwork, are you inclined towards that’s aesthetically pleasing to you or audience OR does it bring out the creative flow in you?

I agree with the latter part that brings the creative side of me.

(She further mentions ) My drawings are not specific as such, it is more of something that I see around and like to put it onto a paper.

Do have a look at this artwork by Sushitha, what do you think about it?

visual wall painting by Sushitha Amin
A visual story wall painting done by Sushitha and her Dad at their home

Since, you mentioned about not having a specific topic but rather based on your personal observations of life, how often do you indulge in your artform?

She coyly shares “In school life, we used to have a dedicated chance to draw during the drawing lecture. But with work-life, things have changed. Mostly I try to do it on weekends or during my free time or more often if I have long holidays.

Would you like to share your favourite choice of colours in your painting and or any specific element that you include in most of your work that sets it apart as Sushitha’s work?

I often tend to use a lot of yellows and reds. For me, these colours signify as the brighter side of life. (Yup that’s so awesome insight right, while she gives you a big satisfied smile).

Are you critical of your work and revisit your artwork again after having just completed it looking for perfection.

 Yes, I do and sometimes revisit my work after a day or so. I try to have a relook from a different perspective and see how I can correct it or missed the previous time.

So, always keep for a scope of improvement in your artwork which is great but don’t overdo it.


We both agree that improving our work is much better spending hours in perfecting it.

On getting into a creative zone:

Entering into your creative zone, how do you prepare yourself as a self taught artist ?

(Chuckles) I need peace of mind and need a lot of space. I mess up the entire place when I sit to draw, 4-5 pencils, two erasers, my scale, pages etc but keeping room open for ideas.

How do you define creativity, would you call it a degree, a sense of emotion or a humane thing all are ingrained with?

I think Creativity cannot be confined to any one particular thing. Everybody has something in them to offer, they need to only come up and showcase it. For me, I try to bring out my opinions and observations on a paper.

imagery work by creative artist
An imagery work

The most common challenges a budding artist face are visibility, work not getting appreciated or lack of funds. So what according to you stops people to take this as full time career option?

I feel it is the lack of recognition, especially when for instance the field of drawing is not as developed as compared to abroad. So, treating it as an option of earning is very difficult in India where we have too many things on a platter.

Hence, most people miss out on it and prefer to keep their creative side to themselves. Also, while choosing between the two, we tend to select worklife than following our passion.

On the journey to carve a foothold in the artworld:

Since many people are in the threshold of keeping it as side hustle or hobby, What will you expect once you achieve a momentum if you get visibility and acceptance from a large audience? 

Maintaining the same amount of visibility is what I would wish for.

I wouldn’t want my artwork to be lost in a certain time zone.


Also, in future, you may have Brands wanting to promote or invest in your work hopefully after this interview?

(Humble and upfront remark) I will not confine myself just for the sake of others. Individual growth is what I would like to preserve while wholeheartedly welcoming audiences and brands to review my work and get their feedback.

Your take on with social media presence, artists tend to be creatively inspired and showcase their work regularly and some often emulate others blindly to stay in the competition.

Copying is a strict no for creativity. Having your own element in your work is important to make it truly authentic and appealing.

How do you deal with Creative Block moments like “I have not been able to give my best today”?

She admits, “I try to take a break and redo it after sometime giving the artwork its own space”.

artistic illustration
Artistic illustration

Creativity as a way of life:

Since you are part of a robust corporate finance field, how has your Creative acumen helped in your worklife ?

Creativity has truly helped me to start my week with a fresh mindset. Often, I am encouraged and super happy when my friends ask me to share a few audio snippets of my song recitals that rejuvenate them.

Having the patience to draw for hours also help me to imbibe the same trait in my corporate life too.

On finding her creative self over last year and a half since being more consistent in her work

She says, “I used to spend time to indulge in painting, sketching or drawing before which had taken a backseat over the last one year. But probably since the lockdown, it has led me to explore my creative side and be more socially and creatively active showcasing my work to others”.

Future dreams and advice:

sketch on Dreams and Hopes
Sketch on Dreams and Hopes

One thing you would like to tell your audience?

“Trust” is a big factor in life. I would like to tell my audience, “give it a try, you never know what can change your life”.

“You may not be a superstar to be interviewed or have your artwork in the finest gallery or have a huge social media presence, what matters is just being you !”


On your personal brand Sushitha Amin having diverse skill sets:

I will rather have my art speak for me and also invite people to see and invest in my artwork and craft which I intend to take it further.


It is great to value the quality of your art, not the quantity. True satisfaction is what should matter to you.

It is good to look for improvement and seek observations in your creative zone.

Be humble and  keep the doors open for self flexibility as an artist.


As Creative people, we put in a lot of effort, imbibe discipline and have loads of motivation to keep our creative fire ignited in our life. We need to acknowledge our lives, people around us and also value the creative form to the best of our ability. Having the zeal, talent and willingness to explore different avenues of this field, it is important that aspiring talents get the same due as a celebrated one.

Because why not? I hope to see more people who aspire to pursue their creative passion to get a chance to be noticed, appreciated and get paid for the gifts they share with the world.

Did you like the candid interview with Sushitha. Share with us, what’s your favourite takeway?

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