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Hi friends, today I want to share with you an amazing book called ‘Alfaaz’ I got a chance to read. To be honest, I am reading Hindi poems after many years, but once I picked up this book, it never felt that I was away from this beautiful literary treasure.

make an impact by your Alfaaz or words
Alfaaz book – Hindi poetry book

Here’s my humble attempt – check out!

Book Review
Dr Rashmi Jain’s Hindi poetry book Alfaaz is a poetic treasure which captivates your interest instantly. When I started reading this book, the poems travelled like the waves at the ocean introducing elements of life and relationships. The deeper I dived along , the emotions ebbed like a fountain addressing our innermost thoughts.

While Dr Rashmi shares an unique voice to reminisce her childhood, travel tales and inquisitiveness to seek answers about life, she holds the indomitable spirit to talk about our societal issues through her verses.
The subtle mentions of our human nature, the harsh realities faced by a girl child, misogyny towards women makes us realize how adverse our mindsets have become.

Poems like “Badalne mein kya Burayi hain?”, “Gudiya” cajole you to remind how whimsical we consider our lives to be but the reality is otherwise. Dr Rashmi ferries us to the poignant “Safar” sharing her nuances about honest promises and memories she carefully holds unto.
Such is her power of ink that kindles a ray of hope, a revolutionary movement to speak out and stand by people who are often subdued.

I truly appreciate how well the author has led the power of “Simplicity” transform into “Powerful Alfaaz” through this book.
I highly recommend book Alfaaz, verses that seek answers to significant realities of life which we often brush away.

Have you faced something or seen others struggle, but didn’t find the courage to say a few (words) Alfaaz? Share your experience with us.

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