Pandorathon-This spooky Bonfire party is lit !

spooky bonfire

The bonfire was lit in the courtyard

Where the souls danced away like floating lanterns

Swaying their hands towards heavenwards

Singing songs in mysterious languages in chaotic banters.

The closed eyes whimpered as the blaze grew

Fountains of orange frizbees spattered through the logs

A bunch of Cinnamons leaped in queue

Waiting for their moments to turn into hotdogs.

In the centre of them all, taking the lead

Was the assassin –honey doughnut being a smart geek

Charming with deceitful chants of praise and beliefs

Effortlessly kept a distance from others acting like meek.

Post midnight, none  could hold their gluttony any longer and be still

Taking off their pumpkin hoodwinks, they tossed the honey doughnut for sweet gorgings.

Attempted writing a Rhyming Sonnet using a Ghost story – Did you like it? Send me your feedback:)

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