Don’t Wait for Art to Happen – a Creative Person’s Golden Rule to Success

Hello, Is there something you are looking forward to this weekend? We always wait for Saturdays or Sundays to make our plans, don’t we? Life is short. Start Now, Don’t Wait for Art to Happen.

Why now? Because you have made it possible to know your voice better than others.

You must have learnt many life- lessons from COVID’19. Today, it is about your skill that will speak rather than just your hardwork.

Remember, Solocreatives like us need to work that extra mile for our passion. But if we spearhead our passion properly, the race is half won.

Let me share something interesting with you. As a part of my research for the Creative Project, the most common responses are “Being confused about how to start, waiting to make it big and still treat their artwork as a hobby”. That’s how they are stuck at the first step of the ladder to be a Successful Creative Artist.

Start Now, Don’t Wait for Art to happen

Do you remember how thrilled you were when you painted for the first time, clicked a picture, wrote your first lines of poetry or sketched a beautiful piece of art? Do you still have it in your closet of memories? As you grew up, this expression of art became your occasional solace.

At present, how committed are you towards your art? Answer it honestly.

Don't wait for Art to Happen, Start your success story now!
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels. Don’t wait for Art to Happen, Kickstart your success now!

We try our best to learn the nuances of our creative strengths. But we tend to lose our interest to compete with productivity and creativity in this fast pace world!

It is too never late to start, begin now!

Golden Rules to kickstart your success as a Creative Person:

Tackle your fears:

The most daunting enemy for any creative person is Fear. You need to stop feeding into its ego. Have you feared how your work of art will be consumed by audiences? Everytime.

Often we become the worst critics of our work and subconsciously we give up on our Art because we feel it is not good enough. Unless it is done half-heartedly, know how to stop brooding about what society, peers and friends have to say. You need to handle the fear psychosis early on to allow the seed of creativity to germinate into your work.

Remain Curious 24/7

Every profession needs creativity. Redundant ideas have no place of their own.

As Leo Burnett quoted,Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” Curiosity helps to unlock your potential in uncommon areas. Why do you think digital art installations have grown so popular? Imagine if the innovators had to wait for people to demand it.

Create a schedule to keep connected to your artform. Creativity is not one idea episode. It requires you to give constant commitment to make it your best work. Curiosity makes your observation skills better.

Selling Short Ideas Works

Have you heard of miniature works? Most of them are priced higher and yet many customers continue to buy it. They are uniquely made and look cool to have in our collection.

The artist didn’t wait for his/her inspiration to be hindered by scaling the idea smaller. Infact, the value of work increased with its intrinsic level of precision required.

If a big set up bothers you, start selling short ideas to amplify your work to grab the interests of the viewers. Create a miniature vision of your idea. Eg: Pebble painting, Sketch on a mug, write short verses.

Embrace constraints:

We often hear people quote this famous phrase, “Don’t put yourself into a box”. Most creative people hate limitations but love freedom.

Here, you are still thinking about when to start, how to start your art! To embrace this conflict in your mind, handle it by embracing your shortcomings.

Learning to deal with constraints that will connect with your struggles better and the emotional flow will be a result through your craft.

Check this – Inspiring Story

Make Time your Best Friend, not an enemy

My friend is doing great as an IT professional. He is also a super talented artist who paints with a vivid imagination. But he says he still waiting for his muse to take the front wheel.

Are you too waiting for your muse to show up? Your innate abilities make your creativity grow and muse is just a medium. Feed your craft with your daily dose of living in the moment.

Tomorrow, you won’t spend hours creating the perfect setup, rather work with what you have.

You don’t need a lot of money to get started

Have you fallen into this trap of being stuck to pursue your interest due to lack of resources? There were times when I stopped investing in my poems because of trivial things. Things like a proper notebook, pen, a workspace which were missing often led me to push those goals. Even the silliest thing like transferring the draft from my laptop to my phone affected me.

You don’t need a lot of money to get started, a simple paper, pen, brush and notebook are more than enough. You must have heard many testimonies of creative artists who worked from a small garage or room and tools. Ofcourse, keep your goals by your dream studio in future, but for now, get going!

Get your goals right

Setting your goals gives you a new direction to seriously want your creativity to flourish. Transform your dream of being the best artist into bite-sized goals which are achievable by you in the next few years. Just as you crave visibility, make goals your priority to ink your future.


Maintain a connection with your artwork to let the artistic juices flow naturally into your work. Give yourself a daily dedicated space and time to work on your creativity.

Don’t wait for it to challenge or become a necessity that makes your artistic persona rebel inside you. Don’t wait for future forces of AI, society, peers etc stop you from what you love doing.

Guys, Start now, become a good creative person, don’t wait for art to happen, success will follow!

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