How to Pivot yourself as an Artist and Find your Creative Ikigai

After listening to your inner voice and having fun with it, it is truly exhilarating to find your own unique space.

Are you pleased with what you are doing , does it make you really happy?

We always aspire and want different things once a need or want is fulfilled. But, creativity demands constant attention, time and dedication. So the solution is to know how we can pivot and find meaning in the tasks we do. Let’s start with the latter first.

Path to Discover your Creative Ikigai:

Have you read the amazing book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to Long and Happy Life, by Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia? The book delves on “living life with a purpose” to make it fulfilling by taking actions and practices. It elaborates on the importance of “asking ourselves what makes and will make our life more meaningful”. 

Based on the concept of Ikigai, I share how we can achieve our own creative Ikigai.

creative process of ikigai for artist
See through your ideas to achieve your Ikigai

Find what you love doing

To fulfill your passion, we always try to associate it with love what you do. So, if you love photography, does it mean to get into photography today. No ! stop right there. The point is to understand why. Does it generate that love for photography as a craft or prospective career options ?. I could admire the wildlife, food photography, but I personally don’t see myself doing it.  

To love our craft means giving ourselves unconditionally to respect its truest form.

So, while the plethora of ideas continue bursting in our heads, we need to actually define why the idea, craft or task is worthy of your commitment and attention. 

Understanding what we are good at

Let me share my personal experience with you. When I was young since I used to make DIY handmade crafts more often than now, my friends and family would complement, “Elvira you are good at it, you could have your own store in future”.

But, I realized DIY crafts making is beautiful and keeps my energy levels high, but my joy is limited only in that moment. So, I couldn’t see myself doing it regularly. One of the reasons was, mine was more inspired by others. Can you relate to such instances where certain skills correlate into joy? 

Always keep the originality and novelty of your craft on a higher scale.

Looking for options that can get paid for

This is one of the trickiest concepts of Ikigai. Most often, we are stuck at this stage of the creative wheel. How often have you questioned yourself or faced snide remarks from others of pursuing your craft?

I see you going on a spiral of thoughts! Relax, no one is gonna judge you here 🙂

Even my career journey rests on this concept of getting paid, so I opted for a banking career keeping writing as a side hustle. In general, our society is receptive to “Arts as a profession”, often leading artists to fend themselves with alternative careers.

Thankfully, the attitude of pursuing your side hustle to full-time career has been welcomed in recent years. YAYY!

I have started this creative initiative with the same goal of having artists become independent through providing visibility through this platform and channelize their craft into lucrative careers in future. That being said, we need to mindful when we say we want to get duly getting paid for our products or services. 

At times, our craft may not bring the desired income at the initial stages, but we can surely support it with our main income.

Acknowledge the world around us:

We often live in our own cocoon of wants and desires that we forget the world around us. To live a sustainable life and create a healthy living for future generations, we need to acknowledge our nature. 

Artists have an innate ability to connect emotions.

Develop a way to include the possibility of social inclusiveness through your art. 

Create a cohesive environment where your art isn’t just a medium of expression but adds value to society. Eg Sustainable art, Vegan baking etc.

Ikigai is a way of life using four pillars of passion, mission, profession and vocation together to find the goal that keeps us motivated. Applying the strategies of Ikigai helps us achieve the formula of happiness, for us artists- deep sense of satisfaction which we always crave for.

But is Ikigai in itself all self-sufficient to apply to our daily lives. 

Since, my aim is not just to provide you with the path of creativity and provide visibility, my mission is to also guide you take action to make sure you find your true Ikigai.

How much to pivot yourself as an artist and grow your craft:

target to pivot your craft to grow and sustain
Target to Pivot your craft to grow and sustain

The essence of joy in our lives

You just heard the word “ Pivot ”, a fashionable term used these days. But as an artist, we need to recognize the essence of how much to pivot to suit our creative needs. Does tweaking of an idea or decision increases your creativity in business? Will pivot help you find creative solutions to your art? 

Finding joy is important for us to grow as artists in our fields and also hone our craft by reinventing ourselves. Keep a reality check and don’t get swayed by others.

To find your Ikigai, it is essential to remain persistent towards your goal that will make happy.

Starting small is necessary

Well, as kids we weren’t faced with social benchmarks that we are accustomed to now. Hence, you will find more stories on successful entrepreneurs, artists being featured. But what about small artists, budding entrepreneurs, failures etc which people shy away from to address ( some food for thought for you ). 

On the flip side, we aspire to make quick money and refuse projects due to our ego.

Starting small is important for an artist, a strategy to grow and pivot to different conditions. 

For instance, You are a creative writer who writes ad copy which offers a lucrative amount for your service and offered a role to write a short play which promises decent pay. What will be your response to it? Though both fields are different in context, the play will offer a you medium to see how well your copy skills can connect with audiences with catchy phrases or one-liners while writing the script.

You will able to carve a niche in both fields seamlessly. So, starting small is the beginning of something big- say you can become a creative director in future!

Don’t hesitate to seek references

Artists are known to create huge boundaries for themselves and pedestals to achieve. In the bargain, we lose our freshness, our inner voice for seeking perfection. 

To grow as an artist, we not only need to self aware but be conscious of our surroundings too, be it artists, in our fields, different genres, life and nature in general”

You can take this task – Draw a rabbit and vagabond vampire.

Notice, you will draw a rabbit with green grass hopping over and probably having a carrot . Incase of a vagabond vampire, you will draw a vampire which is a reflection from movies that you have seen but in reality, haven’t seen one. (If you have, do share your experience with us!)

Puns aside, you can figure that some of us need references to start work. Eg read articles, surf through Pinterest for images etc. But few of us can use imagination to create something abstract. 

So, respect your creative craft and use references as a meaningful tool to create your own original piece of art. It also allows your brain to explore new forms and changes in your artform.

Respect the process

Trusting the process is crucial to one’s work. Getting stuck at a brilliant idea, spending hours at dreaming about the goal stuns the growth of an individual.

To be honest, I have spent hours working on envisioning my goals until I started taking charge of them. Respecting the process will ensure we get clarity of each step of our journey.

You must have across BTS of many artist’s work including you who often sketch a prototype before the final reveal of your craft. It is now the new normal for most creators to share them with their audiences. What makes it exciting to watch or curious about your work?

The whole vibe of creating a product or art from scratch right from its vision to implementation is a creative process. Don’t mix the process of clarity of ideas while exploring the concept in actuality.

Suppose I have spent hours to research on pop culture in India. While writing I will refrain going back and forth to the data. I will give my undivided attention to process the information I have learnt at present, taking cues from my own, I can write a fictional character who is a complete movie buff.


Creating what makes you happy will give you immense happiness in life. And that’s better than we simply follow the herd. Pivot yourself as an artist to make the best impression early on in your creative career. Focus on keeping clarity of your goals to make the decisions to fulfill your Ikigai and create what you love everyday.

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Has the pandemic made you Pivot your craft ?

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