7 Fun Creative Thinking Activities for You

Hey guys, hope you had a wonderful weekend. It has been raining all day and I am constantly listening to the heavy showers lashing the windows shut, breezing through the leaves and gushing down in a hurry. So, I thought why not a fun day today and play with our creative thoughts.

Usually, we don’t want to explore something until we are confident enough we can do it.

How many of you can share experiences of being early adopters in life?

I remember once I was told to write a 1000 word fiction story. After having written poems for so long. I simply shied away from it because I loved my comfort zone.

I didn’t let my imagination even get a kickstart! Sigh!

Poetry for me was just another hobby I pursued during college until I realized its power.

Is your creative art just another hobby you list in your resume? I hope not.

Well, even if it is true, we can refurbish your hobby into a small creative business idea of the future.

Like Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. We need to open our minds to become creative thinkers to solve a problem, read – art.

Lets have a Playtime with our Creative Self

Have more fun by creative brainstorming every random idea
Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels. Write down every random thought that comes to your mind.

Go bit crazy with your imagination

Don’t you agree our minds have a different approach to everything? We all have an amazing knack to come up with whacky things out of the simplest situations. If you are like talented and creative Yashraj Mukate who does an amazing job for composing a musical rap based on daily soap episode, then so be it.

Yes, we need to explore our ideas to different avenues. For instance, how can you teach the importance of nature and attract the attention of a 10 year-old kid?

  • Options are
    • You would explain the concept of global warming in simple terms
    • Talk about planting more trees would keep us healthier and keep the environment safe.
    • Have a fun activity of painting a garden on a white canvas
    • Conduct a prompt to speak about nature.
    • Create a collage of green coloured paper in different areas in a classroom
    • Ask the child how does it feel to see a blossomed flower?
    • Share your recently clicked photographs of the luscious green landscape on a trip with the child.

Notice how the 1st two options are merely conveying the message, but remaining options are tactfully directed to involve the child in activities to be a part of the topic.

Take a U-Turn from one idea to generate more.

Breaking free in creative art is most important not only for our artistic work but for us as creators. Having fun with ideas can bring in a new perspective to forms of art as a whole.

Since I binge a lot of content too, I was always fascinated with the concept of Drip Art which has become a trend in recent years.

Read this, the hints of Drip Painting was seen in the twentieth century, but Jackson Pollock was called the inventor of Drip Painting who was well known for his “ drip and splash technique”. His expression of art bore abstracts of various nature on a horizontal surface that wowed the audience.

On the other hand, Katherine Sabbath, an Australian cake artist took a brilliant U-turn and applied the concept of Drip to her cakes. She became the cake icon who lead us to the revolution of having drool-worthy cakes with delicious recipes.

Today, sit down in your favourite corner and try out an idea and twist it to create something new.

Add a hint of randomness in your creative game

Looking at the blank page and wondering what to write? Then, add a hint of randomness to your thoughts and adopt a different structure this time.

Just play with your emotions and feelings that are present in the moment.

  • Mind-mapping -Grab a few markers and sheet of paper and create a mind-map and visualize ideas flow into a branch of ideas that will become your content treasure.
  • Collage- So, if you are in doubt if collage making can add randomness. Yes, it can.

If you are picking up themes from magazines as your base content, prepare collage using random objects like a feather, leaf, a drop of paint, a chocolate wrapper or a wooden ply piece etc. (My fruitful imagination running wild here).

Creative play will make you manifest about ideas to help you build your unique creative brand.

Participate with friends in group activities like Blindfolds

In my childhood, during our free period at school, we used to play this game once a while. The game was to blindfold the participant who had to tail the cat drawn on the board. There were hilarious moments of swapping the cat and sketching the face of one of the classmates too!

So, invite your friends to play the game to have an energetic and engaging time.

You could use this blindfold technique to close your own eyes and envision a scene. Then, scribble few lines in form of a verse

Try to create just an outline of your imagination

Some easy tips that come to my mind right now are :

  • Feel the texture of the paper, paint, pen, brush
  • Listen to soft music, the clicks while you type on your laptop and shutter click of the DSLR camera.

Let us know what you discovered in this process of blankness to rush of ideas?

Schedule time for Creative Activities

One of the most entertaining options is to engage in a healthy space is scheduling our time. Time play keeps our minds active and responds to situations quickly.

Try this out- Choose a word, Character and physical object. Think about possible ways how you can describe them together in 2 minutes.

It leads you to participate with a dedicated concentration within the given time-frame. Scheduling this element of surprise makes you aware of each moment in those two minutes.

Time play can bring out emotions, thoughts, experiences you have had while co-relating them to the 3 samples given.

Join in and Create a fun activity of using the 3 as part of your creative artwork.

Follow the Organic approach 

When we watch kids play, often they end up playing a game that started probably from the toys set to items they found interesting and laid their hands into.

They slowly absorb those items be it tv remote, piece of paper, spoon, box etc into their play area. And moreso, they will justify and make a vivid story around it.

So, creative people, why not we amuse ourselves with this organic technique.

Play with the resources you have is one of the most effective ways. Normally if you used paint brushes, swap them today for crayons, organic colours.

As Poets, we can choose to do a poetry recital instead of writing. Those into photography can view your surroundings and capture a different subject for a whole day.

Entertain yourself to the fullest :

Do you love to listen to music when doing your artwork? I often get inspired to watch comedy shows or movies to entertain myself.

Once I decided to write a poem on the topic –love. But by the end of it, I had written a dark poem about horror and added an element of satire! Don’t judge the ambiguity or similarity in the subjects. LOL

You can make your art to be explorative like a breath of fresh air. Only it needs your openness to it.


Imagine if creators didn’t play their creativity! We wouldn’t have legendary innovators who dived into their passion and broke the conventional ways of patterns and rules. Creativity is an everyday process. So, have fun to live with it everyday. Make inspiring thoughts your best buddy!

TRY OUT these fun activities and COMMENT BELOW which is your favourite one and why?

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