How to decode your Inner Voice and embrace Creativity Nexus as an Artist

Hello friends, today I share an initiative and dream I have been conceptualizing for a long time. I am building a community for creative people like you. 

There are many success stories featured in many platforms but not many are for solopreneurs, budding creative artists. Generally, who keep their inner voice and art to themselves and just starting.

As poets, we are ambitious to get our works acknowledged, likewise, you will want appreciation for who you are. Whether you are a creative person who sketches a Ronaldo or the one who paints a mural or writes verses or clicks a stunning photo we need to value our inner voice to sustain.

Decoding inner voice as a creative artist, need acceptance and nexus
Decoding inner voice as a Creative Artist

We creators have to constantly put ourselves to show our talents and skills, but in the bargain, we lose our essence of individuality. 

Through this platform, you will get a chance to be featured as an individual brand that showcases your work, walk through their life journey and thoughts that can help us grow our art.

The focus here will be able to identify your skills, be heard, appreciated and help you reach your audience.

Since creative as a field is so diverse, this space will be dedicated to creative artists like poets and visual arts as of now. Yay!

As Creativity and Innovation will be The Next Big Thing in the coming years, we as creative artists need to Rule the World with our capabilities and strengths.

So, Enjoy this creative process and join this bandwagon of creativity.

As we build the momentum for this community, let’s begin to dive deeper into understanding Creativity.

Creativity Decoded 1.1

“Creativity is the imagination with responsibility”- Sae Ra Kung. 

In simple words, it is a power, a feeling to create with what we have and our ability to produce something new or original.

So, what is Creativity for you? Can you define it a few words?

Some call creativity as a free bird, few denote it as a feeling of expression.

For me, Creativity is contagious that inspires me to be ambitious about my fulfilling my dreams.

We call ourselves creative artists or creators of something we imagine, feel and build. We give it names like our creative paintings, sketches poetry or calligraphy and so on

But how much is our core, inner self linked towards it?

Many of us are creative artists by hobbies, a passion project that comes to life once awhile! Are you less creative then? 

Are you the one who spend hours at work while your painting, poems are just outpourings, the liberation of your feelings? Most likely!

Understanding the nexus of Creativity with Inner Voice

We all have an innate voice that guides, speaks to us and encourages us to seek a path. This inner voice is our “Creative Nexus”, as I would like to call it which we listen to more often than others. It is that connection we are trying to decode to understand our oneness with the universe and energy we derive.

Do you complain of feeling lost or suffer from creative block and left the painting, sketch or poem midway? 

Do you find yourself self -doubting your work in a million of Instagram feeds under your niche. 

Find answers to your questions- Soul Connect with Creativity

Make your inner voice your inner joy

Life is fun with creativity if you make it your strength. We often don’t listen to our subconscious mind. I had a friend, an amazing artist who gave up painting because of the negative comments for a few works. Just gave up!

Go with the flow and feel every moment

I agree this is hard. There have been times when I have myself struggled to write 10- lined verse for an hour. 

Do you remember of an artwork you did recently in this COVID that otherwise, you would need to make time for it? Did #Stayathome change your response?  

Cut the clutter

In the chaotic world of social media, often our creative minds are struggling to pace up with the competition. More likely, spending hours to perfect our work to get recognition. Calm your mind to stay away from distractions to be victim or follower of a “Clickbait syndrome”

Wake up your subconscious mind

 Are you wondering, aren’t we supposed to be creative artists, so why awaken our subconscious mind?

Simply because we get lost in the same mundane thought pattern. Awakening our subconscious mind will free ourselves. 

For instance, if I sit to write a poem on a theme -Nature, normally I could write about the greens, the gift to mankind etc. But when my subconscious mind will help me connect to memories of my trip to a scenic place of Bali or the church courtyard filled with greenery opposite my house. Then, that creativity element beautifies my process of penning a verse with a vivid picture.

Start noticing what you spending hours on what you love doing

If you can implement this golden rule, you will convert any art or any action into fruitful results. 

But hey, but don’t you know this already? I am reaffirming it for a reason.

We often love to live in our creative shell.

Let me explain further, you have taken an online class to learn the nuances of calligraphy and get a certification. You will celebrate, be proud of your achievement, but can you feel the same passion to do it for hours each day without complaints. 

Unleash your creative outlet

We aren’t debating on skill versus knowledge. But the focus of connecting your imagination to the art. Ask yourself why do want to click this a sunset, is it aesthetic, is it for its natural beauty? How much joy does it give you to click a shot from a terrace, from the beach or simply from the window?

 Manifest the energy around the creative zen corner to allow the universe to speak to you. 


As we let the creativity find our zen, I share the lines from Cindy Lauper’s True Colours song ” True Colours are beautiful like a rainbow”… don’t be afraid to be you”. Find your inner voice and liberate your creative soul to get the best out of you.

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