Things I learnt to love again and do differently

Haven’t you heard this a zillion times? But did you realize why “Loving what you do daily” is reinforced time and again? During college, I felt this quote quite subjective as we put the “proving ourselves” mode on, living on the element of pure fun then.

As I sit to write to you, I recollect how often I wished for fulfilling life in my busy schedule of working 12-14 hours or more a day.

So, what exactly is loving what you do? Is it our mind that wants to keep on churning ideas or our heart that tries to constantly fit in.


try to love what you do daily in life
Make the best of your life everyday!

Adapt to the new normal

Are you a morning person? My sincere respect to your existence!

I often woke up to the crazy alarm that bought me up from my sanity of dreams to rush to work. I despised to greet good mornings and would be lethargic till my slumbers would wither away. 

Finding my way out to these mornings led me to adopt the new normal -To Love my late nights

Often we tend to ignore what we have.

I realized I could prioritize my thoughts better, could write more creatively and also introspect my future.

Thanks to the midnight owl inside me (not literally! ), I write most of my poems at night that have made it to these pages.

Having now inculcated this habit, I also create notes, points or anything that inspires me during the day to make an actual creative schedule easier. Try that!

Embrace and Love the change

Are you an introvert like me. Bingo! Change is one of the ships we refrain to board easily. It takes a lot of effort just like my thoughts while writing this. When I was at my job as a banker which required customer interactions, I used to develop cold feet. My seniors often came to my rescue leaving me with guilt. Sometimes this hesitance causes us a lot.

I realized this early on and started interacting with my colleagues to get myself comfortable and familiar.

Remember it takes time. You cannot expect change to happen and bring you instant success.

Does this mean, I am a pro at speaking now? No, but because I learnt to love something I did daily, I imbibed those habits to clear my thoughts and talk without especially judging myself.

Watch Comic Stuff- Relax your mind

Speaking to you about public speaking, we ought to mention elements of fun. I am a big-time binge-watcher of comedies. It is the most essential daily dose for my survival in life. ( No puns intended).

Making people laugh is hard. We all know that it isn’t just the joke, but the timing. 

Since, I love to laugh and make others laugh too, cracking a conversation has been easier for me. 

I learnt this trait came naturally to me, so I began to love it even more. I have been able to tickle the funnybones of even my tough bosses to lighten up a meeting.

So, Guys, just enjoy what you love to the fullest, happiness follows.

Chase your interests daily

Something I dread speaking about is Time. I have a love-hate relationship with him. Time loves to run away from me, often because I am running in a different direction.

Do you feel that you are missing something constantly? To get the best out of something that interests you, we need to value time. I procrastinated a lot which costed me to lose some good opportunities.

So appreciate the time you have. It will guide and provide you with the best things you wish for. 

Are you always looking for others to motivate you? Limit that to increase your indulgence in those situations.

Also, being consistent makes you in sync with the work you love, and indirectly contributes to your productivity. So, why wait?

Company of good people 

I need not stress on the ultimate universal fact, that good company of people drives you to be better. Is there some synergy to it? You can better explain it to me. 

A bunch of creative people like us end up raising the bar to create our best output whether it is art, design, content or even singing and dancing.

Recollect our school picnics where we picture ourselves at those places with close friends. That whole vibe is at a different level, right! 

Try to spend time to talk to people apart from social media chats to keep this human touch.

Appreciate all you have and receive

In our chaotic life, we usually neglect our treasures, our talents. We try to look for factors like someone else’s wealth and success. As I always say, “Life is a crazy journey”.

We can sit in despair or choose to create a better world. Begin with small habits of paying gratitude to our family, friends, colleagues and society. 

A simple thank you to a grocery store owner will make his day better. There is supreme richness in kindness. 

How does it fit if you do not love saying things aloud? Do so by simple actions. 

A hug to your mother may surprise her (haha) but she would remember the moment forever!

Reality is better than being fake

If I say, I am offering you a 1000 $ voucher, would you believe me?

I can hear you screaming a big No! (I wish it were true though!)

Be real to yourself and others.

(I will deliberate on this topic more deeply in the future, so watch out for this space!)

We often have moments of being worried, “How our next day will be like”. In that process, we begin to worry and anticipate irrelevant things.

Fake promises like ” I can work on my regular checklist and also accommodate a new schedule to fit in new roles ” knowing it is the peak hours of business is a sure downhill. Rather, let your seniors know and focus on what you are comfortable doing first and choose the latter part of the day to focus on new assignments. 


We have our choices to make and things to care. In this life, we can choose to be happy or sulk about not having enough. Keep on searching for things that will interest you and or love doing. Think about a moment at a time and love each aspect of it.

Even if a bad day does loom in your life, learn to take it in your stride and be grateful to overcome those hurdles. Life is too short to be bogged down by things, even if a simple walk to the park makes you happy, just do it.

Guys, I hope you liked this post, Comment down below- How do make your life interesting by doing what you love?

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