The Untied Shoelaces book-Poems on Autism,A Digital Launch

Hello friends, Did you do some crazy stuff like I did this weekend?

I really hope so. Life is crazy too!

The last few days have been really eventful for me and love to share with you.

Right from having a list of courses I have signed up for, I was writing short verses on a daily basis in my diary.

After a hush birthday at home, my heart was keen to fulfill this long pending wishlist.

Digital Release of my 3rd book as an Author

Super happy to announce the Digital Release of my 3rd book “The Untied Shoe Laces – Poems on Autism” published by Authorspress Group on – 13th August 2020.

sneak peak of The Untied Shoelaces- Poems on Autism
Here’s a sneak peak of The Untied Shoelaces- Poems on Autism

Here’s some backstory to it:

The Untied Shoe Laces is a collection of poems which I wrote 2 years ago! After which I had been anxiously waiting to launch it for several months. It was an eureka moment to go for a digital launch to make it more convenient to attend .

And voila! It was all planned and executed within a day and so many turned up for this event.

It is indeed an honour and feel blessed to have a launch where family and friends, colleagues and poetry fraternity all gathered together.

Releasing my 3rd book which is slightly on a unconventional theme from my earlier ones, it is really close to my heart.

The Untied ShoeLaces is a poetry collection of 111 poems book that is dedicated to the cause of Autism and also to children and adults with special needs, whom I call ” blessed or unique”. It is an ode through verses to speak the world, a life journey through the eyes of these beautiful beings who need to be empowered and treated with care.

Buy yourself a copy

Its My Life has indeed been a fruitful journey!

Thanks to everyone including you who have always encouraged me to be inspired and hustle harder.

Do get yourself a copy : Available on AmazonThe Untied ShoeLaces- Poems on Autism

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