Personal branding – What impact  do you want to create in other’s mind. We often behave bit different in a social environment and love to present ourselves in a certain way .It could be casual interactions with colleagues or even with your date. We desire to create a good impression. How does branding help you to groom as a person?

What different choices you will have to make to influence and be the leader of the room. It includes personal branding that builds an aura and commands respect from everyone.

building own personal brand
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It will also come to your rescue when you are sitting with your boss on your next appraisal. You will have an upper hand to make an impactful deal to value your work and performance.

Today it is more important to show rather than tell when it comes to personal branding. Imbibing habits like positivity, being knowledgeable and friendly natured is most vouched for.


Focus on one angle- personal branding

Personal branding has become one of the essentials people look for to maximize their relations with others. Unlike companies or celebrities, you can focus to create a personalized impression and leads to have a distinct identity amongst the peers.

Your Personal Brand Identity is what people usually notice first and later decide to interact with you.

As people are more conscious of every investment they make, whether it finance, relationships and social media, your personal branding makes them have reliable decisions.

Eg: You know you can trust a trained and qualified Investment professional or a Life Coach to help you sort your financial and personal needs.

Create your own aura with like- minded people

To inculcate the must have traits of creating your niche, it is necessary that you develop interpersonal skills of socializing with people in your field. We often have heard about a community gatherings or senior corporate officials catching up for a conversation.

For instance, when I mingle around with the writer’s community, I learn to use the same tone, language, enhance my knowledge on the current trends of the industry and also resonate with a journey of an amateur vis a vis a experienced writer.

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Add your own Unique Selling Proposition- Be Marketable

Have you heard of Neil Patel, the Marketing Guru. He is a market expert on SEO, blogging who also provides us search engines tools like Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, Kissmetrics.

He has built a personal brand for himself who shares his expertise on distinct marketing techniques and user experience with the world.

Personal branding doesn’t confine to mastering the soft skills, it is more about adding value to the services you can provide to your customers. And before you think it is hard, think again.

You have been creating an unconscious self branding already in your Life.

Recollect the times when you are the first one that your friend looks for to solve his problem. In his mind, you have created a small USP of being an good listener and offering a practical solution.

Look the part – Portray what you are, Tell what you wish to

While choosing to create your brand profile, it highlights your personality to everyone. So, create the first impression with grooming yourself, building a clean image with your actions and words including on social media.

A strong foundation based on looking the part helps people to believe what you intend to sell.

A flamboyant language may initially be acknowledged, but later be despised. Hence, rather not resort to these cheap tricks.

Plan a daily routine to improve your communications skills, read inspirational books and inculcate those habits into your daily routine.

Brainstorm on New ideas and strategies

While you may be reading this blog post, there will be dozens of personal branding techniques and tricks that you will come across. So, you realize how important is it for you to make your personal brand stand apart from the rest.

Can you think of some unique ideas (Share them in Comments Section)

But, I hear you say, Elvira, My idea may not be entirely unique.

My answer is simple- Inspiration is fine but not copying. Create a mindmap of your interests, analyse your core strengths and knowledge that align with your passion/hobby.

For instance, My friend calls herself an amazing baker rather than a cook. She has personalized her brand by promoting her baking skills with campaigns like Smart baker, Insta Baker, Baking seasonal treats.

make the best use of skills
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This way, everytime people want to go for any festive sweets during Christmas or Diwali, they reach out to her. In future, I think she can grow her brand by offering tasting reviews for desserts.

Networking and Social media presence.

We all live in a dynamic world with changing economies and attitudes. Personal branding is one way to remain sustainable even in unprecedented times like Covid’19.

Build and regularly update your website, LinkedIn profile and social media handles like Insta and Facebook to visible, generate more clients. Join community groups that add value to your interest and knowledge to know the upcoming trends in the business

Eg; You will find many Life coaches focus on networking to create a stronger presence. Those who love photography optimally use Instagram to showcase their skills and thus get many projects just by being there at the right time.

Pick out the brains from the best in your field

You may not be the master of this game, but surely aim to reach the top. Personal branding is continuous process even for those who have made their mark in few years.

Interacting with the experts in the field through books, conferences, webinars grants you an exposure of experiences, business acumens, growth hacks to help you better the chances of growth.

For instance, Roy is a technical geek, loves gaming and also writes content on his blog. Now to substantiate his brand to the next level, interacting with top gamers in his field will help him gain first hand experience to utilize these skills to a company who creates gaming apps, probably give reviews, collaborate with the seniors to create a new game etc.

Conclusion– Personal branding is a evolving phenomenon

A Superwoman became Lilly Singh while the essence of brand remains same. It opens new avenues for you to grow your presence beyond physical capacities.

Personal branding helps you master the most important trait we all often struggle to achieve- Being a people’s person.

So, don’t shy away, refine your personal branding now.

P.S: A quick share, I too have been working on my personal branding on a daily basis and so can you. So, wherever you may be, whatever you do, always rule the roost!

Share with us- How has someone influenced you in your Life?

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