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Reading has been the core of our life, whether it is books, magazines, blogs/articles and even posts on our social media feed. We usually belong either to the lazy or enthusiastic depending on our choices of reading, personal habits and needs. So, though we have independent views on our reading choices, we follow distinct reading styles. Here’s my different take on it.


Saint – loves privacy

During my school days, I followed this regime of being a Saint while reading. My mind hovered around what the character would go through, the possible twist in the plot. There were times where I had return the book to the  library in a week’s time.

I became this crazy girl who was in the mission to complete the book end to end amidst the schedule of homework, assignments, play time and studies. I didn’t want to ruin the whole scene in my head if I left it incomplete.

I continue to be saint atleast with my reading habit (Lol) and have binged read many fiction books like Paul Coelho books,Harry Potter series to a name a few.

kind of reader and personal style
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Follower -good reviews and recommendations

How many of you prefer to buy or read books which have topped the charts and become a cult and referred by others? We all do so. But these readers are bit different in their styles.

Many of my friends who aren’t voracious readers like me belong to this category of Followers. You will find them reading all types of genres like fiction, financial tips, self growth and biographies.

They also prefer reading classic collections only if they are truly mesmerized by the whole series.

Frog- A reading juggler

These readers usually enthusiastically buy/ borrow a buy to read, but generally end up procrastinating or have a change in their mood. You are the one who went to bookstore and loved the book and read a few pages. But, skip to the contents and read a few chapters.

From then on, you will engross yourself with movies, work and sleep but haven’t resumed reading. These readers also have 2-3 books on their desk because they haven’t yet made up their mind.

You have a thought “Oh, I have a book on the topic” but choose to read articles, listen to podcasts but actually the book itself.

Mouse – Nibbles on important things

Look, not all the genres excite or interest us, right? So, we try to nibble on few topics outside of our comfort zone as the subject may be trending, creatively curated by the social media and offer a lot of scope in terms of wealth, job opportunities, socio-economic developments.

For instance, you are having a successful career in finance, yet you keen to study and know more about “Work from Home” options for side hustle opportunities.

Topics like Power Bi, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics could interest you to understand the changing dynamics of our economy.

A Lifestyle Activist- Lead Good life, Being a Minimalist

You are on mission to adopt a new lifestyle regime to curtail your expenses, spend time for self care and focus on intentional living for a better future. Topics like healthy food, minimalism, leading a good life, self development and growth are the principles you are keen to follow or maybe already imbibing them.

These readers are willing to experiment, sacrifice and reap the benefits of a simple living by either inspiring others or yourself.

Readers like you can start by following this blog to gain more insights on self growth, inspirational posts besides reading books.

Rich in  Mind and Wealth- Enriching Mind and Being a Power Leader

Another major fan following category are readers who early on realize the power of developing a rich mind and practicing good wealth management. You could also become a part of this segment after having learnt hard way of burning your fingers with money.

Such readers are huge believers of gaining knowledge about enriching your mind to deal with situations adopting techniques of Critical thinking, Positivity and Leadership.

For you, the driving goal is to be self reliant, able to generate business as an entrepreneur, create a personal brand of your own.

Rejuvenation Mantra -Meditation, Yoga and therapies

Reading is not a hobby, but a mental therapy. Readers like you want look and feel good leaning towards books to relax their mind, calm their anxieties and want to feel at peace by dedicating to a few reading hours.

It helps them to cleanse their thoughts and meditate just as a fruitful a yoga session. They can find solace in a crime -thriller as much as romantic or a self help book.

You are inclined towards spirituality, soul searching and creating your own zen corner in Life .

Digital guru –  audiobooks, podcasts on different gen

Having a hectic schedule, you hardly have time to sit down with a book to read, forget finish reading it entirely. While still wanting to keep your desire to read and be informed, you love listening to audio books or podcasts that summarize the related experience or thoughts as described by an author.

This provides you to create a vivid picture as the narrator reads from the book while inferring some of his/ her feedbacks to make language and plot more realistic.


We have all different mindsets and styles of our own, reading helps us to find our true personality. Finding “Reading Time” will allow you to improve your communication skills and also widen your knowledge on a subject. Whether, you are an Saint, Frog or even a Mouse, your reading style remains unique to you. So, continue to harbour the good habit of to make you a better person and inspire others.

Comment Below: Which Reading Style suits you the best and Why?

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