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How many of you love reading books, could you name few that have inspired your life. Today, I will share my review on Vitamin H, a beautiful book authored by Abhishek Thakkar and you will surely be compelled to read it instantly!

Book Review

You are already intrigued by the title of this book, Vitamin H, aren’t you? Rightly so, this book is a collection of quotes and thoughts that propels every reader to ponder deeply into his/her life through a bioscope. The author Abhishek Thakkar is a deep thinker and can clearly articulate his message which reflects in every capsule he shares with us to awaken our minds. 

According to me, what’s most impressive is that the author has very thoughtfully emphasized on how we can face the odds and evens of life. Thus, he has carefully selected the odd numbered pages to include quotes about our choices; self discover our strengths and relations. The even ones aim to sail you through all the situations that you have been trying to avoid, accept positive changes and not bash ourselves or be harsh for things out of our control. 

This book is meant for all of us who are mostly in self- denial mode when we are faced with grave challenges or failures and look out for others for acceptance and help. As quoted from the book “Most of us don’t need to be cured. We want to be healed”. 

I highly recommend this unique book of Vitamin H – a self healing book to find your true purpose of life.

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Do share your takeaways from this easy breezy but impactful book.

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