10 simple ways a mood tracker can change your lifestyle

Have you been in a situation where you were ready to meet up a friend and been called up to say “not possible today?” What is your instant reaction-Ofcourse you make it evident to your friend, probably have a war of words too. Later,say it is okay but you were planning for this day for so long . May be even weeks in advance.

Recollect those days when you went to work, college each morning in anticipation for the planned weekend to be the perfect getaway.

So, how do you spend the next few hours after your plans  didn’t work out ? Get back to what you were last doing or for a moment imagine what the day would have been if not for that call.

Our  body consists of physical, spiritual and mental components. But one factor we always ignore is the Emotional (mood).

We hardly pay any heed our moods that drive our emotions or thoughts.

You must have read countless tips on managing our moods, these are my simple ways to make Life more simple.

So how does a mood tracker help us to get better and make life simple

Analyse before we react– Just as we track our spending to avoid unnecessary expenses, we can track our mood to avoid going overboard with our emotions. In case, we are lazy to do read a entire book, we can change our mood to listen to a podcast or ebook.

Mood consciousness helps us to avoid snapping at others if we have had a bad situation and learn to control our thoughts to discuss only with a concerned group for help.

simple way to use mood tracker in life
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Avoids Setbacks– For instance, you meet your classmate today who is now a well known person in your industry for a client meeting. What’s your  first possible reaction? Maybe surprise followed by guilt of not achieving those milestones, right!

The prime intention to focus on having good mental health and self care is avoiding setbacks. We can gauge our feelings more effectively for an untoward incident  which could occur in our life.

Mood tracker can train our minds to accept both good and bad days in equal measures. This psychology helps us to be reduce stress, accept reality and motivate us to hustle harder.

Monday Blues– We all identify with the crazy cycle of Monday blues we face, don’t we? We are always on our toes to do our morning chores, rush to catch the next train or bus, sprint through the office door and then hurry up to finish our work on time. At the end of the day, we are bummed with fatigue, targets not achieved, lot of backlogs.

Work will still continue, but what if we balance out our Mondays with proper mood plannings. Affirmations to get done quickly. Prioritize  mundane tasks and important things to keep your energy levels high. Take breaks to cheer your mood with a happy quote on your desk, a snack/ drink.

Mandala/ Doodling – Have you tried Mandala or doodling before ? I used to do this unconsciously as a student when I was bored of the chapters I had to revise . Recently, I began doodling to keep my mind calm without having to worry about ‘what next.’

One of the best mood tracker that bring out your creativity side to the optimum and relaxes your mind to delve deeper into something that you create as you feel like. There are no restrictions and thus, it feels you have achieved a new form of art .

Changes in Weather– Do you feel clumsy when it is raining outside and you have to visit buy your grocery. Often our behaviour takes a shift when we love or dislike a season. We either dress well or wear dull clothes to suit our feelings.

Next time, think about wearing a bright outfit for a summer morning, have a cup of tea/coffee in raining season, Don’t wait to have a scoop of ice- cream only in the summers.

Mediate (Read into your mind)- Relaxing your mind is most important when you want to keep a sane mood always. You will find many friends around you who can handle stress and not bawl over petty issues.

It is because even unconsiosuly they have trained their mind to let go of being perfect and taking things normally as they come. They are prepared for any situation and rather indulge to deal with situations.

So, Meditate to keep every emotion in control with your wishes.

Understanding crucial triggers– Does someone’s brand new car or bike in the neighbourhood bother you?

A trigger could be anything that messes with your feelings and reflects in your behaviour towards the event. Understanding your mood could help you stay away from being overwhelmed everytime you see your own old car/bike.

Controlling in your capacity can sustain even serious nervous breakdowns in future.

Better Diagonis for good mental health– Today, there are more therapists and life coaches that guide us to help us understand our mood swings, have sessions to monitor and improve your mental health.

A mood chart will help them guide you with right guidance for therapy, the severity of our behaviours and help to handle cases of depression.

Watching Movies and Music- This has been my go to option when I am in a dull space. I have been watching a lot of thrillers, comedies and action movies to keep my mind occupied and away from being idle and ruminating on old wounds.

Keep away from old sagas and boring related stuff!

Writing– I haven’t yet started maintaining journals, so wouldn’t comment on it. But I do write which keeps my mind calm. Writing or even scribbling some random thoughts about your day and feelings relaxes you rather than bogging yourself with all the negativity.

Often, we create a pile of make-beliefs which have no substance. Replace those thoughts by keeping few minutes spare just for your ink.

Do not edit it while you write. Just write as your heart desires and watch your heart pour its soul over. See the magic happening!


We go through lot of emotions every moment, but little efforts to make it less stressful and more brighter can keep our spirits high and emotions in check. Eventually becoming a better version of ourselves.

Check out these fun and interesting mood trackers I found for you-Adorable Mood Tracker by Laura

Let me know in the comment below Do you track your mood and if Yes, which tracker you use?

If No, feel free to share why so…because no judgements passed here!

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