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Change is inevitable and rightly so for many of us. Mostly circumstances lead us to this transitory phase and sometimes a “Transformation” is the only next alternative we have. Is switching careers a Right Choice?

I started Blogging in around 2009 in College to express my thoughts into a Digital Space organically growing to understand different nuances Writing has to offer.

To be honest, until then inking Poems was a side hustle, a passion I still continue to live everyday.

So, What was this Life Changing experience?

Choosing Banking and working in the corporate world was my choice and I considered it to be my destiny.

I enjoyed being part of daily hustle and achieving targets, engaging with customers, training new entrants, handling bank operations and team meetings etc.

career switch
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But slowly, I began to get the itch of doing something that I really passionate about i.e. Writing!

Sometimes, everything you do doesn’t feel or work right!

Poetry on many occasions made me evolve as a person. As a writer, to pen down words that resonate your voice and connect with your audiences is a great accomplishment.

I was lucky enough to have my work appreciated, read by my readers and given feedback to improve my skills.

It became a platform to interact with writers who were into diverse fields yet brilliant writers creating beautiful content.

I owe my journey of becoming an author which helped me grow as poet.

The Real Switch 

I took the plunge of quitting my job and decided to work full time as a Content Writer in Jan 2020. 

Many of you who are following my blog know that after migrating my blog from Blogspot to WordPress, I used to initially update different themes to get a hang of how each would help the  reader experience.

Facts and Takeaways :

Challenged myself to push boundaries– I love poetry but didn’t venture into full fledged writing all these years. So I challenged myself and took my first Certification in the field of Writing.

Timing was too perfect –Decided to become Freelancer and within a month or so we were faced with the Covid ’19 pandemic. Life is never perfect.  I was dejected but have not given up.

No prior experience as Content Writer– Content writing is an ocean which has gamut of learnings in store. This inspired me to take courses and upskill my knowledge in writing, and yes I am loving it.

It has motivated since then to articulate many articles as posted here.

HUSTLE HARDER-(pics credit)

A fish in the pond– More people are choosing to become a freelancers in 2020 and why not, it is where you can explore your passion, the creative potpourri.

Coding not my cup of tea– As a blogger for several years, one of major concerns has been handling the tech factor for my blog. So advice is better keep arms wide open to learn the basics so that your journey is less stressful. ( Do you want to hear about it ?)

Past connections– Past connections with readers and writers helped to understand the  nuances of blogging and hence, the freelancing bit didn’t feel like an alien. Many aspects of how we blog, what content we share has changed making it more competitive, challenging to be all rounded creative person.

What will not change:

  • Writing Poetry
  • Engaging with audiences
  • Life as an epicenter – Life being the crux of this whole Blog
  • Sharing experiences, achievements and learnings

Look forward to :

  • More content driven articles and Poems
  • Goal setting for collaborations, open invitations to become guest blogger on IML 
  • Sharing my freelancing journey with you
  • Staying in touch with all followers and visitors, both present and those  who have been with me since I began this journey.

Shout Out to all my readers and followers.

Stay Creative and Post in your feedback in the Comments Section.

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