Pandorathon-10-May 2020- U- turn at Traffic Signal

I was late as usual though I was a boss at office
My trusted driver vroomed us through the highway
With my new car addition that got a chance to prove his skills
We almost reached the entryway to the office lane
When we found ourselves stuck at this prominent signal
As usual , I picked up my phone to inform that I was almost there
And that there would be no nonsense taken at the presentation to be held
I heckled my manager a few times on whatsapp
And then jotted down a to do list for the evening meeting
The buzzing traffic seemed longer than usual today
Making me even more anxious and fidgety
Near the pavement, a poor girl looked with eager eyes at the traffic
As though she would maneuver into a different world in few seconds.
Naïve I thought she was and feeling pity, I rolled over the window
And offered her few fruits wrapped in a newspaper.
She smiled and obliged accepting it with poise
Calling her friends and sharing the fruits at the signal.
They all sat down having each a bite of the fruit
While she recited the newspaper contents aloud to them
Catching me offguard, she winked at me and pointing to my new car
She blurted out, “me also, one day” and then the signal went green.
Prompt- You are stuck up at a busy traffic signal. Write a poem (within 30 lines) or a short prose (within 300 words) on anything, person or incident that catches your attention at the signal.
Copyright©2020-17th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited) Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.
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