Pandorathon-7-May 2020- A Chance Encounter

The whole town at come to a standstill on this weekend . The usual hustle of cars vrooming was absent and surprisingly this road wore a deserted look. The only occupied canopy in a small outlet was crowded by an airhostess who has missed her flight, a pirate who was scouting for his next ship, a drunkard who had managed to climb up the tree house, a writer who wandered like his dreams and most shocking was to a find Politician who had crept into a chair as his car broke down a mile ago, nowhere to go. He was the only one frantically calling up his subordinates to make arrangements to get him out of this mess. The air hostess was grumpy at the carbs she must have put on as just a while ago she binged on a cheese toast, French fries and medium sized bugger . The pirate and drunkard looked lost in this bunch offering each other baits to come up with an appealing idea to reach the city. The writer sat hunched at his laptop with no wifi , just editing his last work of poetry.

The politician made an announcement, that whosoever he considers worthy will get a chance to join him to the only seat available in the cab that was arrive anytime soon. The pirate lunged at this opportunity by quoting prices of oil refineries and cruises best known to him that bring fortunes to politician and lead him out. The drunkard offered his references at every bar and wine shops he knew to get a discount for the get-together the politician regularly had at his bungalow. The airhostess coyly volunteered to provide the best services to all his staff and guests under her purview and also assuring his private aircraft gets a green signal at all times. The politician was surprised at the writer who whimsically didn’t partake in this offer and nudged him to do so.

The car arrived and the Politician told the writer to tag along. All were shocked and peeked into the laptop screen ,which read as “Am I not your write -hand man who would curate all your speeches?”.

Prompt -You have five characters and five locations. You need to choose one character and one location and spin a tale of not more than 300 words. For the more adventurous, you can use more than one character. Have fun. Characters:          1. Air hostess 2. Pirate 3. A drunkard 4. Writer 5. Politician  Location: 1. A deserted road 2. Wedding reception 3. Abandoned building 4. Beach 5. Airport

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