Pandorathon-4-May 2020- the first cut is the deepest

Within fifteen minutes inside the train,
I managed to wriggle my body into in a corner
Where I was jostled  at every few seconds
By commuters wanting to get off the next station
Or patting my shoulder with repeated tap to move aside
Or forming a group of their own in that square-space
Like I had any choice , all I wished was to reach quickly
As I finally got down, my spiked hair was flattened to the ends
The ironed shirt wore a creased look
One shoelace dangled midair while the other seemed to hold my ankle in a tight embrace
I began to untie them and within a flash of minutes,
I was at mercy of a clobber’s feet and passerby abuses.
At a hurried pace, I climbed the steps and got off the scene
I stood at the bus stop where people looked like they were awaiting for guests to arrive
Few of them squabbled, some murmured in decibel qualified to join the bees gang
I boarded the bus, putting my diving  training perfectly to use
Beads of sweat circled my forehead like a clear set of bejeweled crown
I bought the ticket and stood in the aisle trying to hold the rod
Coz the handles were thoroughly occupied by swarming palms
all ready to play … game
Balancing my feet somehow to the wobbly turns,
I slapped my shirt straight with one hand
While helping a passenger to get his ticket the next moment
Finally, with great hustle, I got down from the bus
Almost sprinting few metres ahead as the driver took off at nanosecond speed
I walk for a while and then climb up to the place
Holding the file, grooming myself neat and prepping up the speech in my head
I find the door on the left with delicately placed words
“Wonderlust Toors and Trawails- guaranteed memorable experiences”
A vivid looking man informs, “ This place is closed, they have  shifted to the other end!”
With deep breath, I pick out my phone- One unread message
“Our new office premises is at the West zone, see you soon”
I led out a huge sigh looking at the bus ticket
Reminding myself that "the first cut is the deepest".

Prompt- Write on the sentence "the first cut is the deepest" interpreting it in any way you want or like, in prose or poetry or as a short story, but ending your piece with the sentence "the first cut is the deepest."
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