napowrimo- 30-april 2020- from a point of view of someone who hates me

Shall we begin for finally I get an opportunity
To blurt out on a spree
How do those eyes behind those spectacles
Have that spark that always tries to resonate itself with life
Bungee jumping at every opportunity
Now sits pale and silent averse to any light
Thank goodness it has slumbered down
Otherwise it seemed really unbearable
To see your enthusiastic self buzzing around everywhere
Like a ray of hope to people who felt low
And even us who couldn’t but had to acknowledge you
Weren’t you a nerdy crazy bundle then
who didn’t shy from playing pranks on random people
and yet sneaking away like a puppy
How well you mimicked almost everyone , including seniors and bosses
Who somehow just enjoyed your damn company and laughed away
Really surprised that you could forge a relation
Even with strangers and make them feel at ease
Those affirmative statements you made among friends,
greeting people like me who spited off your back
For which you were supremely contented as a good deed
Did it bring anything back to you, of course not
Because you didn’t expect anything in return, be it career or relations
But you left to carry baggages of our bullying and taunts
The cost of sane living crushing some of your dreams
I wished strangely, I could dupe you better
Well, well even if you shun away,
You are my laughing stock now
For your absurd decisions that you hardly learn from your mistakes
Crude enough I say, your weak heart has been duped
To believe everything is good
And probably, that’s why you fracture your soul
With more bandages to count than before

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Copyright©2020-4th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
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