napowrimo- 27- april 2020- travel

I often travel to different places
Taking halts when I feel I need to relax
I have explored most of the corners of the city
Right from coffee shops, street markets, stations, beaches, religious places and shrines
To the busy offices parks, schools and colleges restaurants, parks, monuments and theatres
I do lead a busy life where I could almost blog my daily experiences
About meeting people from different walks of life
Hustling around like me
All for their goals of survival
Cannot afford to click a selfie each time
You know I am a professional and maintain work ethics
Though I don’t have a laptop at the moment
I can still list out the average expenses and income and come out with a brilliant deal for next door grocery shop
But they prefer advices qualified consultants and services
I have freelanced as a car-washer in the past just to get some experience (read- get food)
Travel does include wheels right unlike my sored feet
Not that I hate it
Travel does come with its own plans
Like my hands on advice was too modern for corolla altis owner
Well, he was really tired(tyred) I guess
Right now, I just wait for the metro train to arrive
Obviously I don’t board it
Not my type you see
But yeah the passengers are my clients
Some of them even share pleasantries with me
But like I said Travelling comes with its own perks and losses
Specially for a solo traveller like me
I have to manage everything on my own
~quotes the teenage beggar aka traveler.

PROMPT- Poem on the theme- TRAVEL- max 30 lines .

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