napowrimo- 26- april 2020- prompt- ekphrastic poem

With opening Keat’s lines :
"Places you can find love-
It sits around lurking in places".

Places you can find love
It sits around lurking in places
Like me seeking beyond the hues of the sky
At this end
Where I felt everything around me
Is filled with colour
The charismatic sky has worn a blue ombre jacket
Giving company to the car having deeper blues of her own
Even clear blue waters complement them and smile as they swim across below
But I have worn a dull grey look
Seeking for my soulmate who probably lurking in some place
This soulmate of self-love that I seek
Probably she too prefers a coloured personality
I call out to the universe and wish I could also be happy coloured lover
I promise to love her dearly
My friend on the other end waves out
Laughing as I hear his echo
Tells me, you are surrounded by love already
Why search around, see the colourless sky has embraced newness of the blue
The waters below share their joy to every stream and greens along her way
The car to has chosen to immerse herself to some meditation
And I am just like you my friend
Just that you find me wearing a coloured palate each day
As the say " grass looks greener on the other side"
It is only the clouds that you see that hover around me
I am one of your own
Says the rock from opposite mountains to me
Copyright©2020-4th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.
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