Napowrimo- 24-April 2020- PUNS , MALAPROPISMS and/or SPOONERISMS

I told you how to butter her right
Effortlessly like everything is alright
She would melt quickly like a cheese on a toast
Her anger would mild away from the coast
But she came here fanning her anger at me
Telling me you actually didn't butter but butted her outrightly
And praising her for quality of turning a piece of ghost
In that new overall of orange overcoat
Ah, How do I mend it now, I think
For both of you are drowned your face to the sink(brink)
That errors may pose mirrors on a display
Too large to ignored or stranded this way
Sandwiched is me little podgy feet
Listen you girl , he wasn't trying to offend you
I volunteer on his behalf
Look at him, He is so aimlessly sorry,
What he meant that you look like heaps of sunshine
A rare bumpkin in our midst
He tells me you hold a special place in his heart
Like a salmon floating in his liver (Ouch)
Yes, dear, you are so sour and peeling that we are always shut up for words
I blurted out while I saw two sets of gritted teeth staring at me

Prompt – “Humour is a serious thing . I like to think of it as our greatest earliest natural resources , which must be preserved at all cost. “- James Thurber
We have”Hasya Ras ” as one of the nine Ras .
Write a humorous poem dealing with any relevant/topical issue or on something that you feel like bashing your head against gnashing your teeth .
A MUST use of either
is mandatory

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