napowrimo- 23- april 2020- mirror

Mirror of her own!
The room is fairly lit up today
After the window screens providing me comfort all this while
There she stands facing me
My beloved for whom I yearned for
I immediately call out to her, saying Hi
She smiles but quickly ssshh's to remain quiet
This longing was difficult for me
But all that is melted now with her presence
Her dimple cheeks still matches the pink lillies that sit outside in our garden
The frail but prominent fringes on her head toss up in slow motions as she strokes them carefully
I see her shifting some invisible thoughts on each leg that graced my sight everyday
I am shamelessly guilty but I still stare at her with a beseeching look
To devour every moment I sat in recluse
My heart tries to hold its breath for a minute as she slowly undreses in front of me
Nudging me with a sly wink and a raised brow
I think she did hear me moan as she took a step closer
Letting me have a vivid view of her firm collarbones
Her breezy arms that waved up to her face
The soft breasts that she fondled for a minute or so
The buldge of her stomach taking deep breaths
Few stretch marks were taking naps in the guest rooms
One on each side
I found her dapper navel sitting on a mesh of wires
And then figured out it was some sort of surgery marks
As she winced in pain on a random touch
I offered to comfort her as she rubbed them in circular motions
And tiny tears welled up her sombre eyes yet she still maintained a poise I admired
Opening my arms wide, I asked her to surrender all the pain I was willing to bear
She giggled a little and then her gaze shifted away
Towards a voice now clear to me as a baby's babble
"Thank you, but I need to go", she said, giving me a flying kiss and walked away towards the end of the room.


Copyright©2020-4th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

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