napowrimo- 14- april 2020- poets /poems who inspire me- ode to Tsl poets

I write and write some more
About everything under sun
Penning down verses that come from my core
Both serious and fun
I do read on verses
Written by fellow writers
A Communion of energetic forces
Sharing their views with amazing insighters
I learn from each of them
Having their distinct attributes
But these are some of the gems
Who inspires me more to contribute
His outlook of life outshines
In his effortless words that spell exclusivity
While Ampat Sir binges on complex thoughts and opines
Through his flair of interactive, ingenious prose and poetry
There is something intrinsic about her
That instantly charms me to amazement
Udita's crystals of candid verses conquers
Hearts so seamlessly that's worthy of every moment spent
Time and again but I say aloud
A gifted writer for whom I just go Wow
Kabir's sapphire laden poems, his articulated provoking ink makes me proud
A profound poet I admire always, then and now
A woman of poise and grace
Her poems that brighten up any stage
If I could leaf a Lilly into a inked phrase
It  would bloom into a full garden that would even mystify any sage

P.S- This is an ode to Poets from TSL group who have inspired me . Thanks dear Ampat Koshy Sir, Lilly Swarn Ma'am. Kabir Deb and Udita Garg
Copyright©2020-29th April by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited) 
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