napowrimo- 4 APRIL 2020- dreams

The midnight beckons me to stroll along the street
Tagging along with my accomplice, I walk through the deserted place
The place is familiar yet feels eerily scary
What is the need to confront the twilight at this hour?
The veg market that bustles all evening wears a gloomy look,
with few of leftover veggies playing a peek-a-boo from the crates
Only the strange halo of the inverted streetlights follows us
As the cringe darkness with silent tiptoes are the only active souls
A frail wind blows our way,
clamping towards the closed shutters of the aligned shops
One flimsy little aluminum roof mutters to himself as we go
Probably we invaded his privacy of peering towards the parlour mirror nearby
We reach the bylane and hear some feeble voices frantically trying to call us
Towards a small door adorned  with fine ancient  imprints
They seem to offer us something, though hesitant, our feet lead us to their attic
There are no windows, some strange place where the heat soars at alarming levels
We climb up the narrow creaky stairs lending each other support
To find a huge expanse of eternity.
Our vision is turning dull while we are guided to a bench
It doesn’t feel right here ,
the lump in my throat is strangely turning numb and feels hell
It has started to turn chilly and my feet are frozen to death
I hear someone enquire about something , but all I can see is a gray hazy fog  in that direction
We seem lost what feels like forever as I do not even know whether my accomplice is besides me or frozen to death
A pat on my shoulder jerks me out of reverie, am asked whether I am ready
Ready for some purpose, 
I fail to decipher that even words have lost its trail
I nod in disagreement, but I am given no choice
Few hands  carry my recluse body and later drag  me to a distant
‘You entered this dome of your free will and so shall you be redeemed’
The voice whispers ,’it is Nirvana from this world’
And freezing water is poured over my head
I shiver and wriggle out my hands, but my veins have been greedily dismantled
The chill of wind slowly stagnates down as my body begins to rot for no one to tell
When I get up from this Dream, I try to recollect that freezing spot
What makes me stumped is in reality, it belongs to an usual  ice- cream outlet !

Copyright©2020-9th April by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited) 

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights. 

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