Napowrimo 1- April 2020- Early bird

I wake up each day to her now
She realized I needed her, so she made a vow
How sweet of her kindness and positive presence
I feel less lonely, she is truly gifted from heavens
With the gloomy thoughts fiddling my mind
I felt I had reached a shallow on a rewind
But one fine day, I heard her sing
In celebration on a high octave on a spring
A recital of some melodies, both short and long
Her friends too joined her chirping along
A orchestra was staged in just few seconds
The high and low notes follows, while probably she beckons
How progressive and enigmatic was she, I thought
She was rejoicing even though few did retort
She regaled her heart to all under the morning sun
And remained cheerful in the noon while there was hardly anyone
And here, I was feeling low and crestfallen
Even though I was surrounded by company, I felt lost and stolen
In no time, we have become good friends and greet daily
she resonates Life and woos with her aura greatly
An Early Bird she is, poised with charisma of her own
Her name is Koyal (Cukckoo), you may have known
Strange enough, I haven't yet met her in person,
She sits on faraway branch like some divine intervention

P.S - The Napowrimo Season as begun
Copyright © 2020- 7th April by Elvira Lobo

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