Hello world, where most of us are constantly on our social medias, Instagram has become a craze to instant gratification, a space to interact and engage with your audience and a domain where today branding has taken it to the next level.

You find a list of  Articles, Blogs and bunch of Youtubers talk about being an  Instagrammer, getting more views, followers  and associating with brands etc.

But how about Instaviewer, what does he/she look forward to?

A space of rejuvenation

If he or she posts, wishes gratification- appreciation through reply of comments or in stories

Disdains from watching more promoted, sponsored brand content (would rather scroll away)

Looks out for value Eg: Different Style techniques, Easy way to dress up techniques etc

Similar content could be viewed and liked , but it having your authenticity

Look, Curiosity is the key !!!Getting to know you through – votes, this or that or even answering through the comments leads to a connect and bonding (sharing similar experiences )

Today where there are zillions identifying themselves as “Influencers“, Instaviewers do get a chance to pick their favourite and yes they could unfollow you too in seconds.

Reliability  of getting quick information- Eg- restaurants, travel places, tech spaces

Community engagement to learn about others Eg Instapoets, staying positive and comedies/jokes

So , Make your instaviewer feel his/her time and effort was worth you !!! Your Content obviously 🙂

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