on flight mode

Strolling across the length and breadth of the terrace
On a Sunday evening , I find myself looking around
The familiar place looks all new
Few canopies built faraway now look like lazy hills
Those have been slowly covered by the clouds
The cuckoo that has sung melodies all day
Has retreated to her cozy nest
With a different brush stroke amidst this LOCKDOWN,
Today the nature paints a different canvas
Where the humane dominance that presided over
Stay put at their homes, while the streets wear a deserted look.
I watch the greens happily flapping their wings
To bask in new found sanctity
Few flowers that sit upon the ledges of the tall branches
Wave to give me some company
The streetlights are lit as usual
Casting a dainty shadow of golden vases
The clouds take their turn to wear night wears
While the sun recedes faraway
The hours pass by, but the vanity lingers on
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