Scarecrow – Picture prompt

My poem- Scarecrow – winning poem of JULY prompt on TSL

Hey bro , look at the grey clouds
Will it rain today, I  have a doubt
Step carefully, one  at a time,
The beautiful fields are rushing along the breeze, it is just about their dinner time      
Wave to the birdies and call them home
We can have a quick chat with them seated on the cables, otherwise isn’t it so lone
Aaron, the mighty tree wont you join us today  
Let us have you sing in your glorious voice that will reach scarlet  manes at  bay  
Berman, Coldrack and Hugo ,gear up young lads,
 Shall we camp behind the golden haystacks like nomads?
Stop nudging and pulling my trousers, Tinkle
Ofcourse you are a part of the camp party, right Bro?
Meanwhile Tinkle manages to climb on his arm and whisper innocently,
We all will surely come, but whom are you calling out
I turned left to see a white clothing hanging midair, so shaken am I now, I cannot even mumble or shout
#pictureprompt Elvira

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