Broken Smile

He finally wore that broken smile,a smile not many appreciated, but there’s something incomplete which filled my soul with its half curved lines.That smile was just needed when I knew I couldn’t expect a word from a solicited guy.But, the smile was worthwhile, that tangent blew my hopes higher, firing some sparks,giving me the reason to stand besides him, if only momentarily would be fine coz that felt so complete,
He didn’t move, but let me hold his arms and I did feel his muscle reflex with that gesture.I waited to take in few breaths myself and then looked into his black broody eyes.He still didn’t react much.After a while, he grinned and said,
“Don’t let me grow on you,I am too difficult to handle”. I wouldn’t mind was my instant thought but I stood tight lipped and clutched his arm more firmly. He shrugged and faced me”Don’t you get it” sounding curt while I stood frozen.Then he vaguely let out a chuckle”But you sure have an impact on me ” and gave a half mooned smile again.

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