Wrong turn

 I followed the path, the one that led by a sharp arrow shimmering in silver to the paddies, on the trail of the flocks around
I gathered some dust to feel the goodness of the earth and life that offered along
the dry leaves also jumped into my palms as I caressed the warm soil of comfort , fresh beginnings
but the way turned darker and narrower to a far end
A Journey where they were absolutely no pre-made maps or guides
I then begin to realise that the turn at the start was a wrong one,
meant to deceive ,hurt and led down for a momentarily satisfaction.
Everytime,I took a step towards the small tunnel, the hailstones came gliding hitting my head like a migrane attack
I couldn’t  turn behind as the last step vanished into the thin air and all left was the further one.
I am still looming in that tunnel of thr wrong  tyrn unable to move to a better place ,but yes,there are headlights and neon-signs of joy and sense of happiness.
The wrong turn is a wave of light that is veiled  by the halo that hides the world, moreso the time behind it.
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