Happy 25th Anniversary Godma and Godpa

The silver bells ring
As both of you walk hand in hand
blushing radiantly in the  
golden hues of May
To the aisle towards the altar
When you wore the gorgeous white gown of dreams
It brings forth memories of you when you held her hand to be yours forever
The silvers hum a soft melody
as you’ll danced to your 1st song
And from then on,  you amazing melted heartstrings have stood by each other
Wrapped in love and smiles
In faith and admiration

Both of you nestled in life overcoming all odds
Shouldering responsibilities in unison
Making many sacrifices
Taking charge of forlorn moments
Nuturing your beautiful selves  in your heartbeats Tanya and Anshul  

Your love has truly blossomed
Strengtened our family bond
Been a guiding force to many
Teaching us to be selfless and content
Yes, Molly Aunty and Francis Uncle, as you celebrate your 25th anniversary
You are a perfect blessed couple just like matching coloured bouquet and brooch on your  wedding day

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