I can never forget the nightmares I lived in my old house since that afternoon
When I was gorging happily on my food
My mum meanwhile gathered few clothes to wash,
soon drenched was her own Kurti in a dramatic splash
I went in the kitchen in a hurry to keep in my plate,
Cleaning in as my Mum walked past me to tell me about something of late
Sitting on the sofa  I just rested for a while grabbing some book  old                                                      
As I requested her to change or she would catch a cold.
She breezed past me as the curtains curled by                
Whilst for a second I wondered why the collar portion of her kurti had changed its colour but just sighed.
And then my eyes again wavered to the disgusting colour admist the patterns of green
I stepped ahead to see a big lizard stuck nicely to her with glee
I shivered,panicked and screamed
My mum who is not afraid of them was scared with now loud cries as I jumped on the sofa like zombie
Amongst my choked sobs I told her about that dreaded slimy
Whereas she just coaxed me to help get the sticky nerd off, blimey!
I was sobbing as I could hear my  concerned neighbour knocking at our door
Calling out to us not knowing what was in store
My mum grabbed a broom and flung the lizard off her dress
And I almost had a heart attack as the lizard fell down tailess
Landing right under the  sofa it slithered to the end
Slowly dying as I was still screaming my lungs out to my mum’s disdain
From then till about a month I never went even close to the sofa
Though I knew it was gone, I still had cold feet even looking at it from afar.
It did become one of awfully humorous memory for others soon
The sofa became the luxury of my sister as she would smile while I would sit miles away like a moon
   P.S. Few years later,  a  little lizzy had tumbled from the ceiling on my head….Imagine my plight!!!

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