KHARmic Connection

For God loves Foolish People is our answers to many deliberations we have in life. Satbirji so effortlessly brings forth glimpses of the orchard in her vineyard, the winter laden hills of Nainital, the Independent Indian lifestyle, the cowebs of customs and traditions, the bubbly innocence of a girl, a passionate reader surrounded by her book haven. Her ardent role model of a respected and caring grandfather who instills the very seeds of wisdom and simplicity  she possesses.She dwells upon sharing her anecdotes on intimate family relationships that blossom into a close knitted one.
Her beautifully described era of  golden Bombay invites nostalgic moments  and wishing that, she helps us trace to those times along with her experiences.
She cajoles us about her tryst with destiny, her priorities, her beliefs which may have been sometimes shaken  or twisted, but Satbirji astounds us with her poise of life, her firm faith in God’s will and reflecting upon our karma that finally intercedes to our happiness.
A book that will see you wear that beautiful smile admist our conquest for life and dreams! !!!

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