The mystic mariner

Off I went zooming  past him to catch my scheduled train
clutching the umbrella in one hand and my bag in another.
Excusing myself from the rustic crowd bumping almost into the ticket collector
I wriggled finally to reach the platform admist the chaos of drenched cart pullers and family farewells at large.
breathing a sigh of relief, I entered the train coach just when a screeching announcement was made
the train journey has been cancelled due to water logging, sorry for the inconvenience
I sighed and got down to find him,that tall guy standing besides me.
making an offer to help, which I don’t know why but didn’t  refuse
I followed him to a ship yard nearby as he asked for a boat on hire.
And off we went sailing as the mystical mariner pedalled to a journey of a lifetime.
it was perfect with the silver bells that rang from the heavens and symphonied with our hearts.
Surely, that captain of hearts nailed this cupid perfectly!

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