Thwarted Escape Book Review

How many can claim to have conquest love and not otherwise? Lopa Banerjee has, through her book by living that example of a life we aspire to have but do not venture into jumping over its gates for comforts of our couch suits us better. The book is not just of memoir of her childhood,womanhood and motherhood but a real contemplation of the many hoods we wear and are surrounded by in our society. According to me, Poets can ink even with a thorn of a cactus and tip of a shrub. And here, we have a extremely talented combo of a poet writer who weaves her journey tiptoeing to every crevices of her life filling it her poetic verses oscillating to the past while holding on to the present very beautifully. This book is a escape to the finest wonderland of words travelling through the shrewd threads of our beliefs,bellowing to the stingy minds, walking to the green pastures of nature, the bylanes of Kolkatta to the porch of Nebraska all woven with a lyrical play of the tanpura!!!

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