Flights From My Terrace Book Review

flights from my terrace book review

Book Review – Flights From My Terrace

Welcome on board pilot Santosh  Bakaya who takes you on a fun filled , mesmerizing and enriching flight taking off right from her Terrace. Her eagle eyes ferries us to places and moments you would probably ignore, refrain or merely sulk to celebrate, ponder and mediate into her dreams just like she does often. Her liberating, vivacious personality along with her profound wisdom reflects well in her witty phrases and dialogues.
Don’t be surprised if you laugh your lungs out, find your feet in crowded buses, hold your nerve in the blazing heat, fly with invisible wings alongside the birds. Feel extremely comfortable when she shares her travelogue alongside her trivia of being a mother, wife, teacher and being your friend seated right next to you in the cockpit. Her daughter Iha is the star of her life and in beautiful moments we are lucky to be part of.
Also admire our beloved pilot craning her head, marching her gaze to find her muse(could be you!) in the next second right from counting the number of chins to being effective to find a grin in total chaos. Amongst all the hustle around the daily life, she introduces us to the Boy with Yellow Knickers who steals your heart with a gentle smile and living.
The schedule of the flight may be decided by you, but the pilot takes charge from the moment you wear the seatbelt!
Please note the secret of the broken egg is marked on your next itinerary….don’t miss it….till then ENJOY THIS ONE!!!

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