Silk and her Ilk Part 2

A reservoir of grace and beauty
a damsel laced with humbleness
her lovely smiles dazzles along
true to her name, she brings happiness

A woman of strong character
her decisions makes her what she is,
her Universe lies in her simplicity
she was crowned defining ‘ the essence of  a woman’, truly a bliss

Her big decision to adopt was
was of a higher stature than a tall frame
She made us realize  the beauty of a lovely mother she is
“my two girls are connected to my heart rather than the womb”, she once had exclaimed

She enchanted us with “Mehmoob mere”
mesmerisied  us as the sensuous  Chandini
Her chemistry  made us drool over her sarees
desiring  to be her student and be in her company

A person who deserves a applause
a woman of susbtance, one  who knows to handle both pain and fame
She is my idol, a beautiful  being at heart
My lovely charming lady , Sushmita Sen

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