Revisiting the inklinks

Hi, this is Vikrant, I introduced myself to the team
eyes that met my gaze with intuitive sights
In the corner almost to the end of the aisle
I found one to be  unfazed by all
engrossed in adjusting the papers neatly into the file.
she caught my attention with her sincere smile
that was witness to my presence as warm wishes followed

everyday since that one, I made a stopover to her desk
trying to know what Eva ,this refreshing breath could do to me
her mesmerizing self made me bring in my best
asking her to be my coffee break companion was my first attempt

that day was not far when we were in our favourite coffee shop
the card that fell from her purse paused our lives momentarily
knowledge about her being autistic tested my love
and also her faith in me treating her like others

Eva was vibrant girl who kept to herself most of the time
but probably after we met ,she became more expressive
this docile girl had the same cherubic personality that anyone  would have
being tagged didn’t wipe away that beautiful self, so who was I do that

I am blessed to have her, this beautiful gift from Him
we were destined to meet and work together
I have already started  this journey with her
picking up every stone that we face across the miles.

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