Greedy Deed

Oh what the world is upto
that a hasty decision has led  to
Swarming to us come many eager ones
To tide  off this evil standing early in the hot sun
Many weddings, house repairs, medical emergencies to care of
disturbed are many that they can’t take their own hard earned money off
Oh what a plight to cater  the needs of them
The clock ticks dusk and  yet  many  left disheartened
The debates  and  anxieties still haven’t subsided
With a heavy  heart we  refuse them again facing crunch at our end
The whole day doesn’t seem enough still have more of work to do
A decision that is meant to do good
Forgot that there are many such who facing the brunt
They may not be  titled soldiers,  but they are ….. equal  support system of their family
Pensioners,  househelps, labourers, vendors to name a few …list is endless
The most hit are the working class who are admist a bizarre mess
In totality everyone have enough worries in life to deal with
And this shot has been played aiming for a boundary  knowing the small players closer will get stumped!
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