A hug, A cuddle and A Kiss

I fairly remember My Love
Every hug, cuddle and kiss
Those lifetime moments
Between us
The noses that smelled romance
The lips that whispered for an answer
The hands that mingled its way
The times when just a cuddle could stop worries on its path

Fairly, we still have these moments
A hug, a cuddle and a  kiss
That has stood by us all these years
But they have grown too along with us
When you hug me now, I do not know why tears well up my eyes
Why I hope that we cuddle a bit longer
Why I want the kiss to still linger on my lips, is it fair

Is it fair if I ask you My Love, lets love again afresh
With a hug, a cuddle and a kiss
In small portions, little for each day
Not stocked for an occasion, not shared at once that’s difficult to take
Just you and me,
Valuing each of them as much as we do for each other!

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