Napowrimo- 2 Blossoms- In different shades

Blossoms Like Flowers- Autism

All this while, I flew near my own garden
Adorned with lilies, roses and bluebells
Sunflowers that blushed with its yellow cheeks
And dahlias that raptured my heart
But I didn’t dwell into the another side of the golden valley
Where the mystic blue that reigned inside my heartstrings nudged me to visit once
I stayed in my own cocoon, my little nectar paradise
But one fine day, I found a little cherry blossom playing around
He chided me to play along, a game I didn’t know about
This pious face led me to a new world,
An unobserved garden of pink and white blossoms
Jubliantly greeting, singing and dancing
A valley in an ambient effect that nurtured these marvels
Had few visitors, often having only those peers
yet this garden was filled in a divine blanket
Not a face sulked or brooded like other ones
Since that day, along with these beautiful creations,

I see, feel, enjoy, laugh in a new world
Beautifying a new garden each day


Copyright ©2016 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
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