A bird came flying down
From the zoomie of the blue sky
Toeing its feet on a branch
That snooped its neck on my window. 
I stood watching the little ignorant one 
With its marooned eyes staring at me. 
Probably it could very well read into my mind 
And nodding its head, jumped closer . 
It didn’t answer my confusion about 
“Do we make our own destiny or 
is it already written waiting to happen” 
The silent soul only blinked its tiny stars  
Swayed midair gliding down to the earth 
rose up to the sky holding a flower petal .
Leaving a trail of say , hold on, 
work your way out here , 
Search for yourself whether your rise to make destiny or seize one.

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.
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