Short Verse- Kaafiyaa Milaao Couplets-She walks in beauty,like the night

Penned Couplets in response to the theme of Kaafiya Milaao-She walks in beauty,like the nigh“- Master  Lord Bryon

She walks in beauty,like the night
her enchanted smile steals the limelight
eyes that speak beyond words and soul that whispers good night

into his arms under the silver moonlight
stepping on his toes , dancing to the tunes till daylight
beauty that brightens the darkness of his eyes
tightlipped, unaware but still hoping things will get alright

her presence creates ripples in his heart, the way that leads to his door, the one that treats her as beautiful at all times

on the footsteps of her dreams that will see the dawn of dreams

cuddling close to her moon, holding the stars in her palms, drenching in the rain near the bridge of her love concealed

with no fear to lose or fight, coz today she is queen of her dreams, even the stoic darkness cannot stumble her

with her giggles and chirpy smile, a sunshine to parents, apple of their eyes

can you see too, yes will definitely , she is one who will remain in your sight

floats in yours dreams, sings to your soul, go find and tell her, she has been waiting for you all this time

not just in beauty, but in your love

she is real ,not just a dream, you got to believe just like every night comes, taste your lips and know how it feels

frosty like the snow, I touch her to hold her close and oh she melts in arms before I know 

flows in the memories like a river, smiles to herself like the mirror and shuts herself like a coffin

dressed in his pain that brings the scars alive

on the carpet of a new life, her dawn awaits her arrival like the bud for its sunshine

her penchant to surprise me doesn’t stop, I steal a kiss yet again, she amazingly replies with a pout 

into the pages of his heart, the ink will continue to recite her name, his soul will dry if they stay apart

Thank you dear #KaafiyaMilaao, verses penned by all so beautiful that made this night, keep rocking and Aage badte jaao #KaafiyaMilaao

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

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