Short Verse- Kaafiya Milaao couplets -In My room

Penned Couplets in response to the theme of Kaafiya Milaao-“In my room, I talk…”master Nissim Ezikel

In my room I talk, whispering me a goodnight, you walk.
In my room I talk to you,You silently listen everything sitting in the room of my heart.
In my room I talk; In my Life I clock; In my death, I will walk.
In my room  I will talk, so hear me dear, in the twilight, be my rock, so keep me near
In my room I talk my heart out; only you my soul is the listener, my reachout.
In my room I talk to you sometimes through my writeYou listen, appreciate devour itAnd kiss me tight…
In my room I talk to myself,
A time for me,
All and Everything,
Till I am content and free.
In my room, I talk to the stars and moon,
Telling them wait there for some more timewanna sleep a bit longer so just stay, 
let not the night turn day so soon.
In my room, I talk To him ignoring the clockThe noon has turned nightOur love is floating on a flight.
In my room, I talkMy pillow hears me ardentlyAnd then drops me off to sleep
In my room I talk, but can you hear me,In my thoughts I share, but can you receive theseIn my heart I bleed, can you bear to see
In my room I talk , I am my own,With you I walk, you are part of me … I have grown!!!
In my room I talk to the endless night,Greet the sun yellowSing along with birdsIn my room, I talk to allEven to those who do not
In my room I talk, through the voice of poetry outhere is a dreamer who wishes to ink her vision aloud:)

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

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