Short Verse- Kaafiya Milaao Couplets- Where the mind

Penned Couplets in response to the theme of Kaafiya Milaao-
Rabindranath Tagore- “Where the mind is without fear….”

Where the mind is without fear, I walk on the shore, knowing that waves won’t pull me down,I will reach out my hand to you, quenching your thirst with my love, my dear.

Where the mind is without fear, won’t you stand by me. It is not the fear of the mind actually, most dreading is not having you near.

My mind is without fear today, inking some thoughts about you, I can fill the whole canvas laid, painting your names with beautiful hues

Where the mind is without fear, look beyond;Where the time is without sphere, create a bond.

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

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