Finding Me

In school, we were told to find an interest or hobby
and pursue it, live it, love it.
talents are inborn they say, but some inkling or passion
can shine or mould your desires.
I wondered what it could be; singing, dancing, music
all that I liked and enjoyed immensely.
Like the  skits, elocution, singing, dance competitions at school
gave a platform for many of my friends to know their hidden talents.
I admired the smiles on their faces, their happiness
that made them rejoice and content to love what they did.
But, the feeling of that true yearning wasn’t there in me,
that I could call it my deep interest.
So, that thought bothered me at first and then I let it go
and forgot about it.
I spent my leisures  in reading novels, music , preparing small handicrafts
and fun with friends.
We have all  read  and heard this many times that each one is bestowed with a special gift,
a gift -could be anything that is within us which we need to find and realize.
In college, that small nudge followed me sometimes,
to tap that unknown sphere probably known  to  my inner self.
Only that I didnt know where it was or whether I would ever find it!
Once, during a lecture  we had to write jingles,a prompt one I wrote,
but that kept playing on my mind that I scribbled some more when I reached home.
It was a blessing for my Maám loved it and asked me to  write new ones 
where I shared that I usually wrote small rhymes for birthdays cards for friends or loved ones,
a simple tribute to them since younger days.
But, she was  impressed and coaxed me to shape that interest and  start a blog.
So, I started one, this beautiful space that is most special
bringing in memories of the times I had this writing habit, but never pursued it before.
Today, when I wear that humble feather of being a Poet,
I am grateful to my Maám and content to finally find me:)
Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.
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