You are my Mania-Published in romantic fantasy thriller Equinox by Heena Jadav Sunil

Hi friends,it is a real bliss to write and write some more on this favourite space of mine-Its my Life blog. It rejuvenates me and takes my creative ink to scoop down some thoughts brewing in my mind.
The best is your precious feedback is what has kept me going for these 6years and counting:)
Apart from writing , reading has been my second happiness.  So, here’s a share with my Reading Taste.
I am so thrilled to read my friend Heena Jadav Sunil romantic fantasy thriller Equinox which I was eagerly waiting to lay my hands on..Yo!!! Finally I was so in love with the book and characters that I penned a poem which has  now been published in the revised version of Equinox- feels so blessed and proud.
Here’s the poem I penned for Equinox- where Richard Chase is proposing his love for his beloved April Rivers.
You know not how difficult it is for me to keep you out of my sight,
It is more grieving than your little questions you pose me outright.
Baby, you are now my mania, I can’t really get rid of,
Your soft gentle words entice my whole body enough!
I can feel the temperatures soar each time we hold our hands,
That makes me go really wild in your romance.
My love ,I forget myself totally in this quenching love of ours,
Drowned in your satiating caress, your sprinkle of love showers.
Oh, I become absolutely weak as I brush my lips with thine,
Your warm flesh electrifies within as it mingles with mine.
So; Breathe, My love, Breathe in as we devour each of these magical moments,
Coz it wasn’t just a coincidence, we had to meet and love, time has proven.
Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

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