Worried brows peered through the emergency room,
Where she lay still bandaged and covered with weird tubes.
The pretty young girl had once again tried to take her life,
Her suicidal tendencies just wouldn’t end and get stronger every fortnight.
The dreaded loneliness killed her within, no family, no friends to live for,
She, a recluse to all new things feared to live any longer.

Weeks later, she was sitting in the hospital bed with her burned masked face,
Staring at the mirror, her reflection of weak skinny soul horrified her more.
There, a young band member was visiting his relative was struck by a beautiful voice he heard,
She was singing a sad old English number about lost love and suffering.

Her voice was melodious yet so powerful that he hadn’t heard of anyone sings so well,
A nightingale found, he thought and offered her to sing along with him.
Time healed all wounds and here she was lead vocalist of the cult band,
Fans cheered and gathered in thousands to catch up with every concert she sang.

She couldn’t be OUR FACE, her band mates argued as jealously slowly crept in,
We work harder than she and yet only she takes away the fame.
They couldn’t digest ignorance for all the efforts they since long made,
The band was theirs; all the pain and hardwork couldn’t be washed away into the drain.

She, now a priceless nightingale was awed by her growing stardom,
A life she always ditched was blessing her with the best of things.
And then one day while she was rehearsing, her band mates cruelly tricked and burned her,
Gruesome was that horrifying sight, as she wailed and begged her friends for life.

She is no more, she committed suicide; the band together stated,
Her frightening depression led her to this grave end.
Her charred body lay silently in that black coffin,
Amidst her fans moaning at her funeral, their idol they forever gonna miss.

Till today, the band hosts a number of concerts across cities,
Listed as the most popular awaited event each time, it garners huge momentum.
One thing that has never changed and that never will though to the apprehensions of the band mates,
That is mention of HER NAME, HER FACE, HER SONGS each time they perform live!!!
Copyright ©2014 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

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  1. 'A person usually becomes more famous when s/he dies.' You've eloquently brought this fact in this poem. Love it. Keep composing and sharing us!

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