“5 years since I met you, we met by chance
and now I keep meeting you by choice.
5 years ago, I had this big crush on you,
today MY LOVE ,you have become my LIFE”- Elvira 

Thank all you dear readers once again for accompanying me to this milestone of 5 years, may our bond continue to strengthen and enjoy more poetry!!!

Just wanna devour  my love for  writing today ,  so here’s what poetry means to me :

Poetry to me,
Is journey that leads you on to feel the emotions like love, sorrow, deceit, longings, pleasure at once,
is a way that introspects life and let you meet yourself.
Poetry is my way of making this blank page dance with words,
a connect I build with my readers who identify some of it with in their own lives. 
Poetry helps me,
mingle along with you through your mind, body and soul
Until you let it lurch in a corner by the woods.
Poetry is that loyal lover who keeps coming back
Until you decide to break up with him forever!!!
                          FROM ELVIRA – AUTHOR OF “ITS OF LIFE”

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