Today I write this little note to you,
Melissa, Our Sweet Angel in your tribute.
Our life was blessed when you were gifted to us by the Lord,
Your cheerful smile and laughter’s held us in one chord.
We cherish each milestone you achieved with your positive vigour,
Nurturing and encouraging your talent and making our faith in you even bigger.
Yes, we were hurt and our hearts wept when you were taken away from us,
But your radiance of hope made us realize that God wished to raise you high with him to the heavens.
Melissa, we know that you are in the midst of us all as our loving Guardian Angel,
Whispering sweet messages to us in our dreams sitting near our beloved Evangel.
P.S:I still reminisce that I met only once where I heard you sing so beautifully with your mystical voice few years ago….but girl, you struck a lovely chord with my heart and my most loving Melissa -though i didn’t get a chance to speak to you much back then…I talk to now and always – through my verse—Love you Dear Angel Melissa !!!

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